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Vases - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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To manufacture a single part or a series of items on a CNC machine, one needs a 3D STL model. Our modelers draw designs of vases of any complexity, and then create 3D models for further work on CNC machines. We are ready to create models of decorative and interior vases in any style you need.

Use in interior

In the interior design, a vase is used as a decorative element. It can be an independent functional piece of furniture or a part of a composition or ensemble. Vases are often used to decorate interior and outdoor stairs.

Interior vases should be made from the appropriate material – it must be durable and safe, such as wood. A wooden vase will not break or crack if dropped. In addition, such vases have exclusive design and original décor.

A custom-made 3D model of a vase for CNC machines helps to manufacture an item in exact accordance with the idea of a designer and to replicate it in the required amount. Then, the machine will manufacture an original vase, stucco molding, bas-reliefs and much more. Designed to meet all the requirements and the exact dimensions, the model is saved as an STL file, which is read by modern milling machines and 3D printers, which create the product set by the model.

3D STL models of vases for CNC machines and 3D printers

Purchasing 3D models from us, you get our guarantee for all kinds of necessary adjustments. We help to adjust the model after the trial launch of the product, we bring it to perfection before launching the mass production. We guarantee high quality of our models and are ready to tweak them depending on your equipment and requirements.

We can also create models based on your sketches. We guarantee high quality and best prices for models in STL | ArtCam | 3D Max, purchased from us. The vases made with our models catch the eye with their unique decor and beauty.

Please note that we have introduced a new service – a no-cost adjustment of any model for a 3D printer!


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