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Our company specializes in 3D model design. Modern STL models give an opportunity to create components of any complexity for architecture, interior design and much more. Models for CNC milling machines help to reduce long and difficult process of carving. They also let you see the future of the product well in advance and coordinate the work with the customer from the start.

What 3D Models are for:

The use of computer numeric control machines is one of the most rapidly developing trends in modern production. This technology has become so affordable that almost everyone can buy a machine for personal use.

3D Max models in STL format are frequently used in industrial production. Integration of computer-aided manufacturing eliminates the human error and improves the quality of the product. They can be used with various materials such as wood, metal, stone and so on. A computer-generated draft reproduces the parameters of the future product to a high precision, and if necessary, can be easily scaled.

Our website offers a great variety of 3D models for CNC milling machines. We have a numerous categories to choose from. Files are thematically grouped to make search and navigation easier: mirror frames, decorative legs for chairs and beds, three-dimensional panels, whole sets of furniture of exclusive design, patterns, decorative elements, various souvenirs and much more.

We provide CNC models in the most popular STL format, so they are compatible with most programmable machines and 3D computer editors.The machine itself and production conditions determine the choice of the thread type – engraving or milling. 3D models for CNC wood-working machines are perfect for furniture and decor manufacture. Carvings can be used to decorate all sorts of furniture – cabinets, chests of drawers, beds, kitchen areas, shelves and wardrobes, as well as to create souvenirs and other household items.

Our experts are ready to offer any assistance with a large selection of ready-made files, as well as to create an individual project. Models are designed by graphics professionals who are ready to improve the existing products and create new ones based on your wishes and the task at hand. Over five thousand customers have already appreciated the advantages and benefits of for3d.ru online store.

Our Advantages:

The widest choice on the Runet! We have been in operation since 2005 and have accumulated the most extensive database of 3D models.

Reasonable prices. Any model pays off after the manufacture of 1-2 products!
Guarantee of high quality and free correction of shortcomings after the trial cutting (which is extremely rare).
Fast feedback. Contact us via any convenient messenger, feedback form or call 8-800-700-4745 (free throughout the country). We are always ready to answer your questions regarding the purchase.

Design of any 3D model upon order according to your sketches.

Ready to provide any advice!

We are ready to design any model for a CNC machine according to your wishes and sketches. Just send your sketches or photos to FOR3D@MAIL.RU. Our manager will inform you about the model cost and its manufacture time as soon as possible.

Favorable discounts. Regular customer loyalty program includes an accumulative bonus program, a discount card of up to 50% (valid for the entire range of products) and a catalog with special prices. Learn more from our managers!

All the proposed models are designed for use on CNC machines, but can also be adapted for 3D printers at your request.

For3d.ru website is the best way to make a quality product on CNC machines
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