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Chess - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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Chess. It is called the royal game for a reason. No one knows when and where exactly it appeared. Scientists say, this game is at least a thousand and a half years old. During this time, chess has become not only a form of entertainment, but also a symbol of intelligence, prudence and shrewdness.

Any interior decorated with original statuettes in the form of chess pieces will speak loudly about your outstanding intellect and sagacity, helping to instantly create the right impression about you. Such chessmen will be great as an unusual and neat gift.

Chess pieces can be made of wood. However, manual production is hard and time-consuming. Today we use special numerically-controlled machines to create wooden or metal pieces, because automated production saves time and reduces the risk of defects. However, CNC machines require special 3D models of future products made in stl format.

On our website you will find ready-made 3D stl models of chess in different styles – Eastern, Medieval, Asian, both expensive and low-cost options. We have a flexible system of discounts for regular customers, so you can buy 3D stl model for CNC machines at a lower price.

To order a unique model based on your own designs just send us an email with a photo or sketch of the future product. Our manager will calculate the cost and time of work for you. We guarantee quality and timely execution of work of any complexity and in any style.

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