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Facades - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

Numerically controlled machines are widely used nowadays because of their high accuracy and a wide choice of materials. Using metal, wood, and other materials you can manufacture various pieces of different shapes. That is why CNC machines are so popular.

Such machine tools are programmable, so despite their high accuracy, the final result, as a rule, depends on the quality and adequacy of the program that is loaded into the equipment, i.e. on a 3D model of the future product designed long before the program is launched.

Unique design

In this section you will find a wide range of 3D models of facades in the stl file format for CNC machines.

Why buy from us? The answer is the unique style of our models and our attitude to sales. Clients often don’t want to settle for standard facade options. Individual design is always in demand, especially now, when everyone wants to stand out.

Here you can find unique models of facades for kitchen and home furniture, made in the stl file format. As you place your order, you can specify the dimensions of the part you want to manufacture, as well as the features of your equipment, so that we could tweak the model according to your requirements or, if necessary, develop a completely new one for you.

Working for you

You can order a model of a facade in the stl file format based on your own sketch. The final result is sure to satisfy you, as we discuss all terms and requirements individually. Just leave your request via the form on our website or contact our managers to make a purchase.

We offer special prices, a huge range of 3D models, discounts for regular customers, high quality work, as well as professional advice absolutely free of charge. Call us!


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