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Tables and Consoles - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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A table is an integral part of any interior. A high-quality ornamented table can be both a decorative element and practical piece of furniture used for dining and working. Decorative tables are often replaced with consoles. A high-quality table is made of different materials, including rather expensive ones such as metal, natural stone, and wood.

Handmade original tabletops and fine table legs are rather expensive. So, today manual labor is oftentimes replaced by machine tool work. CNC machines are the most advanced in this respect. In order for a CNC machine to be able to manufacture the desired product, it needs a 3D model of the item being created. A 3D model is a kind of a virtual model to be put into material form. And the most common format is STL files.

In order to get a really quality product, it is important to get a model without any defects, suiting your CNC and preferably specifically adjusted to the characteristics of your equipment. It is rather difficult and time-consuming to make one yourself. One can download it on the Internet at a random site of course, but good quality is not guaranteed.

You can buy a 3D model of a table at a great price from us. We offer a great variety of models for CNC machines of the most different configurations and at different prices, from simple options to incredibly outstanding ones. Only on FOR3D website you will find a model of a table with a figure of a woman holding a snake or a three-headed monster for its legs. Our artists create genuinely non-standard and distinctive options.

Moreover, when buying a model from us, there’s a guarantee for its adjustment if necessary. You can buy a model from us, release a trial batch of products, and in case you are not totally happy with the result, contact us so we could help you to bring the model to perfection.

If none of the ready-made models from our catalogue suits you, order a custom 3D model to your liking. Our artists can create a design of any complexity and in any style. Just send us your sketches, pictures found on the Internet, or a description of the future product.

We can make a 3D model of a chair or armchair to complement a table, or even a whole set of furniture.

Our online store can boast favorable prices, convenient bonus system, great discounts, and high quality of all works. Give us call!


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