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Sofas - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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On our website you can order and download 3D models of sofas of various shapes and configurations, as well as couches, wide armchairs, benches with original backs, elegant armrests, and graceful legs.

3D model for manufacturing sofas

Today you can make unique furniture of your own design from any material, but natural wood or MDF are used most often. Computer numerical control (CNC) machines allow you to set the cutter to any program. From the parts that are carved this way you can assemble the furniture that will be one of a kind, impossible to buy in a regular store. This solution is a regular find for designers and furniture companies that produce luxury furniture.

However, in order for a CNC milling machine to start its work, you need a special 3D STL model. Our designers will quickly create a quality model for milling equipment based on a photo, sketch or description that you provide. You can also choose a ready-made sofa model in STL for CNC machines from our catalogue.

Why buy from us

Our main advantage is a flexible pricing policy and active cooperation with clients – we make necessary changes of purchased 3D models absolutely free of charge. Just give us a call.

Buying models with For3d.ru you can pay in rubles or dollars. Enjoy our huge catalogue and favorable prices.

If necessary, we can make a visualization of your future interior.

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