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Figurines - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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There is a tradition in various cultures to decorate homes with images of people, animals, miniature copies of buildings. Figurines of wood, metal, and other materials blend seamlessly into modern interiors. Such pieces are easy to make on a CNC machine, but first you need to set the program for the equipment loading a 3D model of the future product, which you can buy from us.

Unusual souvenir

Figurines of different sizes can perfectly complement the furnishings of an apartment or a country house. They can be a great gift for various occasions: anniversaries, professional and family holidays. You can give such a memorable gift to a colleague, business partner, or dear guest.

A statuette or figurine of any size can become a unique detail in your interior that creates a good vibe in the house and puts a smile on your face.

Such pieces are timeless and always in demand among customers.

Figurines on CNC machines with 3D models

Carved figurines created on CNC machines with the help of stl models are on a par with handmade ones in beauty and expressiveness, but they are much easier, faster, and cheaper to produce. Using a ready-made model, you can set up mass production of such souvenirs.

You can choose ready-made 3D models of souvenirs in our catalog. Each of them is designed by talented artists and created by experienced developers. Any model can be tweaked according to the technical parameters of your equipment. If necessary, we can create unique models as per your designs.

We can make models:

  • with a company logo or symbol;
  • with commemorative inscriptions.

Contact our managers for details! See also 3D models of animals, characters, and unique chess pieces.


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