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Public offer

The online store https://for3d.ru offers to land the contract on the terms of the offer.

 The online store for3d.ru (here "link") sells and the buyer buys goods on for3d.ru. The full range of products and their prices are available in section "Catalogue" of for3d.ru website.

 Banker's acceptance occurs at the time he pays for the order.

 Description of the products and their prices can be found in section "Catalogue" of for3d.ru website. The features of each product may slightly vary from those stated on the website.

 To make a purchase, the customer provides the store with the following personal data: Name, phone number and e-mail address. The store undertakes to ensure in nondisclosure of these data in accordance with applicable law.

 Payment is made by the customer non-cash on bank details of the store.

The purchased goods are transferred to the buyer within one business day after payment.

 The goods are transferred to the buyer via internet, according to the details provided by him upon registration. If the buyer does not have access to the e-mail address or messengers specified by him when placing the order, as well as if the buyer refuses to accept the goods, the buyer bears all the risks, losses and costs associated with the fact that the goods have not been transferred to him.

 The buyer is obligated to use the purchased goods exclusively for the purposes of personal manufacturing or manufacturing purpose of organization only. If the goods are handed over to third parties for manufacturing (handing over to a workshop, ordering manufacturing, etc.), the persons who received the goods for work do not obtain any rights to dispose them in personal or business use. In such a transfer, the seller's rights must be respected, and the buyer is responsible for the violation of these rights: he is obliged to warn the third parties about the responsibility and make sure that they do not copy and keep the goods.

Buyer acknowledges that he knows and agrees that it is illegal to resell, donate, or otherwise distribute the Product. The purchase of goods for several persons by one user and the subsequent transfer of goods or copies thereof to those persons is prohibited, due to the agreement.

 The buyer may post photos of his manufactured products made by models received in the store. The buyer has no right to post the product (3d models) itself on his resources (screenshots, renderings of the model, etc.) without the seller's approval.

 All copyrights belong exclusively to the seller. Buyer purchases model, but not the copyrights for them. The product is only provided to the buyer to reproduce his own products by using it (model). In this case, the right to reproduce with the product (according to the model) own products is not transferred to the user as exclusive (the seller reserves the right to reproduce and sell the model).

The buyer can refuse the goods, also after payment, but if the goods have not yet been sent to him. In case of refusal of goods, the seller makes refund, excluding the money having already spent by the seller for the fulfillment of the order.

If the goods have already been sent to the buyer, the money can be returned only if the goods are of improper quality and cannot be used for intended purpose (damaged file, occurred errors in the model, etc.).

In case of any disputes, the pretrial dispute resolution procedure is mandatory. The complaint should be sent to (for3d@mail.ru). The Seller has to consider it within 30 calendar days from the date of receiving it.

If an agreement cannot be reached, disputes are settled through the courts according to the applicable laws of the United States.

The offer can be changed by the store at any time. Changes enter into force from the moment of their publication on the website.

The parties are fully released from the obligations under this agreement in the case of Force Majeure Circumstances. Such circumstances include earthquakes, floods, wildfires, acts of war and others. The occurrence of such circumstances must be immediately notified to the other party by e-mail specified in the details of the store or the buyer's personal data.

The store https://for3d.ru is the property of Valentina Vladimirovna Fedorova MRSN 314784709800655


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