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Fences - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

Carved decor is a classic and versatile design solution that can decorate almost anything. An original fence is perfect for railings of stairs or a gazebo and is sure to catch the eye with its original pattern and shape.

However, hand-carved decor is extremely expensive, and finding a good craftsman requires a great deal of luck. So, machine tool production is a great alternative, and CNC machines that work with 3D stl models are the most accurate ones.

What we offer

We understand how important the quality model design is, and are glad offer you our 3D stl models of fences. Our catalog of models in a wide range of styles and prices will let you find a solution to your taste and budget. We are also ready to make changes to the 3D model of your choice, so that you are happy with the result.

If none of the options suits you, we can develop a unique 3D model according to your own designs. We take our work seriously and treat each order as a priceless experience. All our clients are immeasurably important to us. That’s why we are ready to make a model of any complexity and in any style.

Why us Our company has been making 3D models for CNC machines since 2005. We stand out from the crowd due to:

  • high quality of work and our staff of experienced modelers,
  • excellent rewards program and discounts for regular clients,
  • a huge range of models and individual approach to each client,
  • manufacturing custom 3D models to order.

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