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Flowers - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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Flowers are perfect for the interior decoration. Being an absolute celebration of harmony and balance, they bring joy and peace to the composition. However, fresh flowers are perishable and not so versatile. So, artificial flowers can be a great alternative.

Wooden, plastic, metal flower leaves and buds combine the harmony of living plants and full compatibility with the main elements they decorate (tables, nightstands, beds, etc.). However, it is rather difficult to make them by hand – machine tool production is much easier. The most effective are machines with computer numerical control. They require a 3D stl model, which is loaded into the control program and allows you to manufacture absolutely any part.

Where can one get such a model? Drawing it yourself is quite difficult, as it requires skills, experience, time, as well as professional knowledge of certain software. The other way is to order a 3D model of flowers or plants, or the whole product with a decorative detail that you need made by specialists – from us, for example.

We offer you a vast catalog of 3D models of flowers in the stl file format. Here you will find 3D models in different styles, of different shapes, and always at competitive prices.

We care about our customers and provide a guarantee for each model. If you are not fully satisfied with the model, we are ready to improve it until you like it, absolutely free of charge.

If none of the models from the catalog suits your needs, you can order the development as per your own designs. Just send us a sketch or picture and the statement of work.

We offer nice discounts for regular customers.


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