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Cabinets - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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If you are a fan of non-standard interior solutions and strive to combine functionality and unusual look, you will surely appreciate the opportunity to complement your space with a carved cabinet.

Variety of 3D models of carved cabinets

On our website you will find 3D STL models of cabinets to manufacture exclusive carved cabinets using a CNC machine.

We offer the following options:

  • closed wardrobes, models with hinged doors and mirror frames for bedrooms
  • open cabinets including corner options, stacks for living rooms and offices, cupboards for kitchens and dining rooms
  • shelving units and coat wardrobes for halls

You can choose a fancy option with a rich carving or a more austere and neat one – our catalogue boasts options that are suitable for interior decoration in any style (see some of the options in the modern section and Riva furniture models).

Models for CNC machines

All furniture models, including 3D STL cabinets and wardrobes, were developed by professional modelers whose exquisite taste ensures the impeccable accuracy of every detail.

Buying 3D models of cabinets is extremely simple. Just add the option you have selected to the cart and place an order. If necessary, we will tweak the selected option to the standards and technical requirements of your equipment. Also we can create a custom model of a cabinet and décor as per your designs.

STL models will allow you to manufacture exclusive furnishings faster and with more profit. You will be able to establish the production of carved furniture which is in constant demand.

We offer:

  • wide range of models
  • guaranteed quality of 3D models
  • bonus programs for regular customers
  • communication in any way suiting you

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