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Characters - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

Figures of characters – heroes of movies, cartoons, books, plays, either real persons or fictional ones – can be an excellent gift for fans of cartoons and computer games, a wonderful souvenir, and even decoration of the interior – for example, in a children's room or a themed restaurant, as well as of a festive table or cake.

The fastest and easiest way to manufacture a character figure of almost any size and complexity from wood, plexiglass, plastic or another material is to use a computer numerical control machine. Today, there are both small machines for private use and huge industrial ones. The machine can cut any item with the utmost precision, you only need a 3D stl model.

Models of characters for CNC machines

So you have a machine, but no skills of modeling? No problem!

In our catalog you can find some 3D models of characters to manufacture their figures on CNC machines. Currently, the catalog has three options of pirates and an Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II, but we are going to add new characters over time.

Besides, you can order from us the development of 3D models of absolutely any character based on your designs or pictures.

Why choose us

Our company has been on the market since 2005. We have experienced modelers on our staff and guarantee high quality of work.

We offer regular customers flexible discounts and bonuses. We are happy to tweak any 3D model as per your requirements.

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