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Beds - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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The bed is essential in a person’s life. Scientists say, we spend a third of our life sleeping, so why not make your sleeping place not only comfortable, but also beautiful, thus it will please you whether you wake or sleep.

That is why more and more people prefer not to buy ready-made beds, but to order their production in carpentry. Indeed, CNC machines can make really unusual and stylish pieces.

Here’s when our 3D models of beds for CNC machines will come in handy. With their help you can decorate the main elements of a bed – headboards and footboards, make them chic and elegant. You can purchase 3D models of carved furniture legs separately or buy the whole sets of furniture – bedrooms, for example.

We offer more than 100 options of 3D stl models of beds for cutting on wood or metal, including both simple and more delicate ones – ornate patterns, images of plants and animals, headboards with space for a soft panel or without it.

When buying a 3D model, you will receive an stl file that will help the CNC machine to recognize the cutting pattern. The cutting tool will cut your pattern according to the specified parameters on wood or metal.

Buy a ready-made 3D model or order a custom one based on your own design – email us a sketch or photo to for3d@mail.ru. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, so we are happy to tweak the model as per your request.

Carved backrests draw attention and bring the atmosphere of luxury to the interior. Order or buy a 3D model of the bed from us and make your bedroom worthy of admiration.


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