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Furniture Riva - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

Riva furniture originated in Italy as a family business of cabinetmakers. Today it is an elite collection that has become known throughout the world. It is distinguished by its luxurious design, the use of exclusively natural materials and rich décor – such as gold leaf, for example.

Today there is no need to order quality furniture from abroad. You can make it yourself or in the production workshop equipped with a modern numerically controlled machine. These machines can cut out almost any product of solid wood with high precision regardless of its complexity. All you need is just to upload a 3D model of the future product into the machine and run it.

Our company has been developing 3D models for CNC machines since 2005. Our staff includes experienced modeling artists working for both private and corporate clients. No wonder For3d.ru catalog features Riva 3D models repeating the design of the famous Italian manufacturers. Beds, chairs, tables, cabinets, and consoles with exquisite patterns, impressive decorative elements and unusual design – all this can be easily made on a CNC machine with the help of our 3D models.

Buying a 3D stl model of Riva furniture is easy – just place your order on the website or contact our managers in any way convenient to you.

We have a great rewards system, nice discounts and special offers for our regular customers.

If necessary, we can tweak any 3D model according to your requirements.

You can always call us to find out details! See also bedrooms and modern furniture.


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