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Chests of drawers - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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This versatile piece of furniture entered everyday life in the seventeenth century, when people started to add drawers and various décor to the chests in which they kept clothes. Chests of drawers undoubtedly compared favorably in terms of ergonomics and useful space, while original design elements, such as carved patterns, made this furniture a real work of art.

Previously, in order to turn a chest of drawers into an elegant interior piece, several masters had to work for a long period of time, as all the decor was made by hand. Today, thanks to CNC machines, you can quickly produce amazingly complex and beautiful carved parts from solid wood, MDF, chipboard, or laminated chipboard. A programmable CNC machine using a 3D stl model can replace a team of professional wood carvers and produce complex original elements in a very short time.

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