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Chests - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

CNC machines are milling machines with programmable control that can be used to create any kind of product. They have become very popular lately, as they allow you to make interior objects of any complexity. But for such CNC you will need a virtual 3D stl model.

3D models of chests for CNC machines

On this website you can buy 3D models of chests at a good price. You can also order your own model, and our artists will create one based on your designs.

For3d website features chest models of great detailing on a variety of subjects in classic styles. Such chests look more of an antique item than a piece of modern furniture.

A chest is a vintage and elegant decorative item, and at the same time it is a convenient storage place. It is sure to attract attention in any interior.

With the help of a CNC machine you can make a chest from different materials – plastic, metal, stone, wood, MDF, depending on the capacity and characteristics of your equipment. Most often such chests are created from solid beech or oak.

Why choose us:

  • we complete orders quickly;
  • we take into account all the wishes of our clients to make our cooperation long-lasting;
  • we have nice discounts for regular customers and individual bonus system;
  • we make high-quality 3D models;
  • we have been on the market since 2005, and have a great experience in this realm.

You can order a 3D stl model of a chest by filling in the form on this website, via social networks and messengers, or just calling us at 8-800-700-4745.


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