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Clocks - 3D models for CNC machine (stl)

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It seems that a wall clock is the most versatile element of the interior. It reminds your guests that you are a man of business. It helps you keep track of time and manage your arrangements. And it reminds us that time flies and all things are finite.

In order to fit well into the interior, a wall clock needs a properly shaped case. A beautiful decorative case can be made on a milling machine. The best way to do it is to use a CNC machine, which allows to implement almost any idea, though it requires a special 3D model in the stl file format.


Original clocks are fairly easy and fast to manufacture with the help of a numerically controlled milling machine. You just need to create a 3D model of the future case for the dial or have it made for you, build a control program using special software (usually ArtCAM) and run the machine! The device will cut an item with detailed precision from wood, chipboard, or any other material depending on the capabilities of your equipment and the selected cutters.

Thanks to the high quality and unusual appearance, you will be able to make good money on interior wall clocks or give it as a gift. Often, specifically-designed clocks are necessary to bring to life the interior designer's ideas.

Using a CNC machine you can also manufacture nantle clocks of original design or an unusual case for wrist watch.

How to create a 3D clock model? Where to get ready-made options?

Do you own a CNC machine or 3D printer? Have your customers asked you to make an original case for a clock dial? Or have you decided to decorate your own interior? Or maybe you want to give your family an elegant gift? Where to get a 3D model of a truly original clock?

There are essentially two main options:

  • First, develop it yourself. That is, master perfectly such programs as 3D Max or ArtCAM. Draw the required model and save the file in stl format. In general, it is not too difficult, but creating a really high-quality model will require skills, experience and certain talent.
  • Sounds too complicated? Then order a 3D model of any clock or buy ready-made options created by specialists. Our website features quite a few interesting models in stl format at a bargain price.

What we offer

If for any reason the purchased 3D clock model disappoints you, we will edit it as per your requirements. We can make tweaks both immediately and after the production of a trial batch.

Moreover, we provide discounts, so you can make a purchase at a significantly lower price. Our system of bonuses will make each new purchase on the website more profitable for you than the previous one.

Besides, you can order a model based on your sketch if none of the ready-made options suits you. We value getting various experience, so we will be happy to make a model of any complexity and in any style.


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