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Fragment of baget 0692 | stl - 3d model for CNC machine

Fragment of baget 0692 | stl - 3d model for CNC machineEnlarge

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Please note: Free Samples 3d models downloaded from the product page, the checkout process they are not needed.

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 There are 3d models in stl format for NC machine tools in this category.

 You can download free stl fragment of each 3d model in order to estimate magnificent quality of our 3d models.

 ATTENTION: if you use Opera browser, archives are saved in htm format. Please, use internet explorer or mozilla firefox or just rename extension of the downloaded archive from htm to zip and then unpack the file.


                  We always guarantee high quality of our 3d models!

 After you make a trial carving - we will make corrections of the model absolutely free, and also we can cut the model according to the dimensions of your machine tool.


 And the most important thing - your inputs for creation of such model will be repaid already after manufacturing of only 1-2 articles!!!

Please note: Each model is assigned a unique identifier hidden PROTECTIVE buyer
двери: 677

Fragment of baget 0692 | stl - 3d model for CNC machineEnlarge 

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